Heat Pump Installers in Redhill, Reigate

and all Locations near Horley

Following the correct process with any type of air-source heat pump installation makes good sense and at Virtue Heating & Plumbing Ltd, we understand that every job is unique. This explains why heat pump installers work to a bespoke specification. Following a survey, we produce a clear outline of how to do the job and we plan accordingly. In doing so, our company works to a spec that defines your heating needs.

Our heat pump installers, from Horley, cover the surrounding Redhill and Reigate areas, and all locations in Surrey.

The first thing we do is to make sure your home would benefit from an air-source heat pump. It’s important that we only install a system that will optimise the way you warm your home and save you money as part of the deal. This means we must be honest with our customers from the outset. If an air-source heat pump isn’t right for your home, we’ll tell you.

Initial Survey

Virtue Heating & Plumbing Ltd will always schedule the onsite survey for a convenient time. Our heat pump installers work with you to establish your needs and the best option for your home. The questions we ask as part of the survey set up the project for success, so we always try to be as meticulous as possible. We look for an appropriate place for installation, take the size of your home into account, and find out if you would prefer to heat with radiators or underfloor heating.

Our convenient location in Horley gives us immediate access into Redhill, Reigate and all surrounding areas, meaning we can usually offer you a survey exactly when you want one. Upon completion of the survey, we create a project plan.

Heat Pump Installation

What separates us from other air-source heat pump installers is our determination to make the process more convenient for the customer. While times vary on a project-by-project basis, we do whatever we can to work around a timescale that not only suits you, but which also minimises disruption to your daily routine. Virtue Heating & Plumbing Ltd is a customer-focused company that makes you its most important attribute.

Our installers begin by fitting the heat pump, which then draws heat from the air into the home. This needs to be in a clear area with free air movement, preferably by an outside wall. We clear the surrounding area of debris and bolt the air-source heat pump to brackets on the ground or on a wall.

This keeps it secure and stops it from moving.

Radiators and Underfloor Heating

Air-to-water heat pumps warm water to heat the home, usually through the hot water cylinder. They then circulate the heated water through the pipework and radiators, or through the underfloor heating installation. If your home doesn’t have an underfloor heating system, an air-source heat pump will work perfectly well with radiators. Our heating engineers and heat pump installers can install underfloor heating if needed.

Indeed, we think an upgrade to underfloor heating is a great choice, and an excellent way to lower the cost of heating your Horley, Redhill, Reigate or Surrey home. You may find that some air-source heat pumps will require you to fit larger radiators, but we will advise on this in our survey.

Connecting the Pump

Our heat pump installers connect the outside unit to the hot water cylinder which, in turn, feeds warm water through to the radiators or the underfloor heating system. This is where individual projects start to vary a little because we need to account for the walls of your home, and the distance between the condenser and the hot water cylinder. There will be some sort of variance here from property to property.

We will need to drill through the walls at this point, but our air-source heat pump installers take care to minimise issues and always “make good” any damage caused. A control wire, a refrigerant hose and a condensation hose will run between the pump and the hot water cylinder to transfer warm air.

Attentive Aftercare

Perhaps the most important thing to know about Virtue Heating & Plumbing Ltd is that we take aftercare seriously. An air-source heat pump can have a lifespan of over 20 years with the appropriate maintenance. We stay in touch with you to make sure your installation works as it should and delivers on your expectations. In the event of a problem, our time-served heat pump installers will come out to resolve it under warranty.

Again, thanks to our convenient location in Horley, we can offer a responsive service in Redhill, Reigate and Surrey.

Should you need the fans cleaned, the filters changed, the refrigerant levels checked, or potential leaks inspected, we’ll be there to help. The heat pump installers at Virtue Heating & Plumbing Ltd care about your satisfaction. You can view examples of our previous work in our website gallery.

Call our heat pump installers on 01293 403 244 for services in Horley, Redhill and Reigate.

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