Underfloor Heating in Redhill

The Benefits of UFH Systems

Are you thinking about renovating your current property or perhaps undertaking a new-build project? If so, you’re probably thumbing through countless catalogues and browsing endless websites, looking for interior design inspiration. When it comes to refurbishments, many of us focus more on the soft furnishings and decoration, paying less attention to things like boiler models and central heating systems.

However, as experts in boiler repairs, central heating repairs, boiler replacements and other such services, the heating engineers at Virtue Heating & Plumbing Ltd believe that choosing the right heating appliance for your property is of vital importance. While many homeowners in Redhill may automatically choose conventional radiator systems, we suggest you consider installing underfloor heating (UFH), instead.

In recent years, UFH systems have become increasingly popular as a method of heating both new-build and older properties. As such, it is now one of the fastest growing home improvement industries in the UK.

On this page, we look at some of the many benefits of installing UFH systems in your home.

Some of these include:

Low Maintenance Costs
One of the reasons why so many homeowners in Redhill are turning to underfloor heating is that it hardly requires any maintenance. Our heating engineers fit quality products, from industry-leading brands like Nu-Heat, Beneath Heat and Wunda, for their long-term reliability and efficiency. So, while you may still have to pay for the occasional boiler repairs or even a total boiler replacement, you will no longer have to worry about central heating repairs.

Did you know that UFH systems are suitable for almost any type of flooring? While you may think that they only work beneath tile or stone floors, our heating engineers can install them under practically any kind of existing or new flooring in Redhill properties.

This includes:
• Carpets and Rugs
• Vinyl and Linoleum
• Engineered Wood and Laminate
• Synthetic Resins and Polished Screed
• Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Just as our boiler repairs experts always choose the best product to suit your property for a boiler replacement, our central heating repairs team can help you find the most suitable type of underfloor heating for your flooring.

Energy Efficient
Compared to conventional radiator systems, UFH systems are far more efficient. This is because our heating engineers effectively turn the floor of your Redhill home into a radiator. The increased surface area means that, even at a low temperature, you can heat an entire room far more effectively. What’s more, underfloor heating systems enable your flooring to retain heat far better than radiators, which quickly become cool after you turn them off.

In addition, customers often call us for boiler repairs and central heating repairs because their radiators are sluggish or temperamental. This is occasionally due to outdated systems that require a boiler replacement. Most of the time, it is often because dirty water and debris is stopping hot water from circulating throughout the radiator.

We often resolve such issues in Redhill homes with Powerflushing. However, this is not a problem that underfloor heating systems tend to encounter.

One of the main advantages of UFH systems is the sense of luxury and comfort they provide. Whether for a single room or an entire property, the heat produced is far more consistent than with convection systems. Furthermore, they are ideal for use with hard flooring surfaces like stone and tile, which are often cold underfoot.

Did you know that Virtue Heating & Plumbing Ltd also installs air-source heat pumps? Air-to-water or air-to-air, we have heat pump installers working across the region who can connect one of our new units to an existing wet central heating or underfloor heating system. Air-source heat pumps can draw warmth from the outside air even in freezing weather conditions.

Please get in touch to arrange a survey, and to request a free, no-obligation quotation.

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