Central Heating Repairs in Reigate

Our Powerflushing Services

Does your current central heating system rely on radiators to warm up your home? If so, you might have noticed that, occasionally, one or several or your radiators may have cold spots. They may also struggle to heat up or won’t turn on at all. While this could be due to issues like trapped air, which our heating engineers can easily resolve by bleeding the radiator, sometimes it is slightly more complicated.

At Virtue Heating & Plumbing Ltd, we don’t just specialise in the installation of heating appliances and systems, like underfloor heating and boiler replacements. We also carry out boiler repairs and central heating repairs around Reigate, to keep systems working efficiently for longer.

So, whether you’re a homeowner or a landlord in the Surrey area, contact us if your radiators aren’t performing as they should.

We will come to your home to perform a full diagnostic of your system, to determine the cause of the problem. If all you need is a simple fix, we will resolve the issue in no time at all. If, on the other hand, you need to upgrade to a more efficient system, then you can talk to us about central heating upgrades and boiler replacements.

However, your system may simply benefit from a Powerflush. This is something that our heating engineers also specialise in.

What is a Powerflush?

Did you know that 80% of the UK’s boiler breakdowns occur because of sludge, dirty water and other debris in your system? If left unchecked, this can seriously reduce the efficiency of your home in Reigate’s heat source. These deposits can create blockages and corrosion, which may result in costly boiler repairs or even the need for a boiler replacement.

Fortunately, our expert heating engineers carry out Powerflushing as part of our boiler, underfloor heating and central heating repairs, to resolve such issues.

This involves using a powerful machine to pump a chemical cleaning solution through your entire system. By sending water through your boiler, pipework and radiators at high velocity, we can remove the build-up of sludge and other deposits. Not only will this result in a more efficient system, but it will help to lower the energy bills of your home in Reigate and avoid the need for a boiler replacement.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know whether you require a Powerflush or general boiler repairs. You may even wonder if the problem is not with your boiler, in which case you may need central heating repairs.

If you are unsure, simply call our heating engineers for advice. Alternatively, look out for the following signs, which may indicate that your system could benefit from a Powerflush:

• Inefficient underfloor heating systems
• Leaking Radiators
• Strange, loud noises when your boiler is on
• Frequent boiler breakdowns, requiring regular boiler repairs
• Discoloured water comes out when bleeding radiators
• Cold spots on your radiators, especially at the bottom
• Sluggish central heating systems
• Cloudy water when you turn taps on
• Water is slow to heat up
• Not enough hot water when you turn on the tap
• No water comes out when you bleed your radiators

If your home in Reigate has underfloor heating and relies on a wet system, then the same issues may occur. We can Powerflush these systems but, if you have electric UFH systems installed, then Powerflushing is not the answer for an inefficient system.

Did you know that you can now change the way you heat your home and protect the environment at the same time? Virtue Heating & Plumbing Ltd has experienced heat pump installers on the payroll. We can supply and fit air-to-water air-source heat pumps or equivalent air-to-air models. An air-to-air heat pump transfers heat from the outside air directly to radiators and to underfloor heating systems.

Even though the unit requires electricity and will run continuously during the winter, it outputs more heat than it uses in terms of electrical input. This, in turn, makes your home much more sustainable.

Call our heating engineers on 01293 403 244 for Powerflushing, central heating repairs, boiler replacements, boiler repairs and underfloor heating in Reigate.

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